I like consulting with Cheshire because she gives very realistic expectations on my weight loss plan.  Being very busy with work, she understands my diet limitations and restrictions.  I am also encouraged by her positive approach that makes me even want to work harder on losing weight and altering my mindset/ lifestyle to lose weight.

– Kat, 34





Ms. Cheshire helped me shed off 15lbs when I was preparing to participate in my first triathlon. It doesn’t seem a lot of weight ….but it was just what I needed. My initial predicament was how to strike a balance between progressive increase in the training and STILL lose weight without compromising energy needed for the workouts. Definitely starving myself to lose weight and working out 2 to 3 hours a day was NOT the way to go 🙂

So Cheshire found a way for me to do just that…. Still eat and get the energy source I need and shed off weight progressively and safely. Like I said 15lbs may not seem alot but 15lbs off your back in a bike or while running means a world difference.

Now I’ve managed to make her prescription/recommendation/diet plan part of my lifestyle. And I’ve carried the lessons I’ve learned from the experience into preparing for the next big challenge….. US Navy diver training HOOYAH!

Carlo Gabriel Laserna – US Navy