Integrative and Functional Nutrition 

Integrative and Functional Nutrition therapy is an evidence-based, systems biology approach to patient care. It focuses on identifying root causes and correcting imbalances to significantly improve patient health outcomes.

The program includes therapeutic nutrition, nutritional psychology and lifestyle & behavior modification for patients with autoimmune diseases, fertility issues, mental disorders and lifestyle related diseases: 

Diabetes and Endocrine Disorders; Obesity, Thyroid and Metabolic Disorders; Cardiovascular/Heart Diseases and Hypertension; Liver and Digestive Disorders; Food Allergy and Intolerance; Kidney Diseases; Cancer; and Eating Disorders

Diet Plans:

Elimination Diet

Cardiometabolic Diet

Core Food Plan

ReNew Food Plan

Detox Food Plan

Anti-Candida Food Plan


Medical Nutrition Therapy

Lifestyle and Weight Management

Nutritional Immunology 

Nutritional Psychology

Sports Nutrition

Fertility and Pregnancy Nutrition

Skin Aesthetics Nutrition

*Online and Customized Home Consultations are available

*Outsourced functional tests are available

Functional Food Therapy

Fasting Mimicking Diet

The FMD is the first meal program made of healthy natural ingredients that someone consumes for five days  but is not recognized by the body as food. This keeps the body in a fasting mode. In simple terms, it is fasting with food! This nutritional breakthrough was scientifically developed and clinically tested at the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California. Promotes longevity, overall health and reduces excess fats, decreases inflammatory markers that contribute to aging such as elevated cholesterol and fasting blood glucose.

Colon Cleansing

Thorough cleansing of the digestive system to remove chronic feces and promote gut health by replacing regular meals with wheatgrass and oil palm fiber based meals. Helps relieve constipation, enhances nutrient absorption and proliferation of good bacteria.



– Acts as an objective sounding board on project development focusing on client and target market education, services marketing and the art of service recovery.

– Provision of expert nutrition services, wellness and educational programs, critical input on current and emerging issues that impact a company’s business in penetrating target market.

– Resource person for food and nutrition through media, business, marketing and interactive multimedia communication.

Train employees, dietitians and nurses on food and nutrition, counseling/therapeutic communication and product knowledge.


Conceptualization, enhancement, research and development of wellness projects, fitness websites, healthy food products and food supplements.

Resource person for media launch.


– Nutrient composition analysis and development of nutrition label

– Recipe development, modification and standardization


– Wellness programs for corporate employees

-Interactive seminar workshops on lifestyle and weight management, management of lifestyle-related diseases, disease prevention, food and nutrition, service excellence

– Resource speaker for conferences and seminars